Need a fun car rental?  Welcome to Plano Red Car. We offer local, "hassle-free" sports car rentals on Turo and DriveShare by Haggerty. Think Airbnb for cars. Easy booking, easy pickup. Rent for a weekend, rent for a week, yes you can even rent a sports car for a day. Right here just north of Dallas. Register on the Turo app or or head over to and rent one of our cars today!


Our Cars:


1997 Dodge Viper

A modern day classic! This Viper packs plenty of Venom: eight liters, 10 cylinders, over 500 horses worth. With a six speed transmission, first gear alone will take you north of 60 mph. It is RIDICULOUSLY entertaining to drive and gets attention wherever it goes.

Cheverolet Corvette

Nothing says luxury like this automatic convertible Corvette with black leather seats, Bose Audio, power top, and heads up display. Immaculate condition inside and out, this Corvette really turns heads. The perfect car rental for a date night in downtown Dallas. Or treat yourself to a ride to remember on your next business trip.


Everything you love about BMW in a small package. Just over 3,000 pounds, this sharp-handling, 6 speed stick, fun-to-drive BMW convertible sports car is one fast little roadster.


Experience the comfort of an SUV with the cool factor of a Jeep. Rent this rugged ride for a road trip to remember! Book today and get ready to do the “Jeep Wave” to your fellow Jeep owners.


Red Corvette Convertible sports car for rent from Plano Red Car and Turo

"Peter's Vette is the best!! Had a blast driving this bad boy around Dallas for the day. It was the perfect touch to my holiday! Not to mention how easy he made the process. I highly recommend his services!"

Red Jeep Wrangler available for rent from Plano Red Car and Turo

"The car was in amazing shape and was a great asset to our trip! Peter made pickup and drop off convenient. He is incredibly flexible and stays in communication if you have any questions."

Black BMW Z4 convertible available for rent from Plano Red Car and Turo

"Excellent experience. Peter's BMW Z4 was exactly as pictured online; clean, sharp, lovely condition. Car ran well and was fun to drive. Peter's a helpful guy and a great communicator. Very positive first rental for me through Turo."


We're happy to answer any questions you have.  You can message us on Facebook or Twitter. (Please note: all car rentals must be booked on Turo or Driveshare.)